Estate Services

In 1987, two years after opening our shop, we conducted our first estate sale. Since then we have conducted many dozens more. Some of them were prestigious, many were not, but all were successful and conducted with dignity. We understand that you’ve probably never been through an estate sale. Our experience (including the sale of my father-in-law’s estate and my background in special education teaching and administration) helps lend us a clear understanding of and compassion for your circumstances. We understand the pressures that may develop within the family and among old friends. We can counsel you fully to assure confidence and save you from sellers’ remorse: it is not in our long run best interest to have you part with treasured belongings that have a sentimental value. Empathetic, but removed from the emotions of the moment, we will make the process as smooth and as painless as we can. As professional appraisers and long-time shop owners, we have created a network of staff and ancillary professionals to make a sale run smoothly from the first interview to final clean-up. We’re accustomed to unusual circumstances (no two sales are alike) and have the flexibility to accommodate your needs. We do clean-up to clean-out.

We’re certified by Certified Appraisers Guild of America and accredited by International Society of Appraisers, qualifying us to accurately price your items with a keen knowledge of the marketplace; also advising you on the correct market for special items (not everything is appropriately sold at an estate sale. Knowledge of the market is as important as cleaning out the house)!

Time is the most crucial element when considering an estate sale. Contact us even if you’re “just mulling it over.” We will gladly share our many letters of recommendation and our portfolio from past sales with you.

To learn more about our estate services, call and ask for our free brochure. On-site consultations are without obligation or fee.

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