We’re happy to consider your treasures for consignment. However, please be aware that not all old things are going to pay off your mortgage! We know the current market for antiques and collectibles at the different levels of the business. We have considerable expertise in the best marketing strategy for a wide variety of items. We have ready customers for many things, having developed a want list over our 18 years in business. Not only will your items be considered for our website, but they can also be displayed in our shop. When appropriate we will include your merchandise when we exhibit at antiques shows we do throughout the year including the huge Brimfield Market and smaller shows that draw clientele from New York City and its suburbs.

Our commission on consignments

Our commission is 35% up to $10,000.00 and 25% over $10,000.00. Our consignors are paid by the 10th of the month following the sale, we promise!

We must have the items in our possession to market them to your best advantage.

What We’re Seeking to Buy or Consign

Pedigrees are always best in any category, but we’re glad to carry good quality generic antiques & collectible items as well. Remember condition is extremely important to collectors.

  • Quilts and textiles are a specialty (my mom was a quilter) and we carry more quilts than anyone in our Connecticut River-Shoreline area. I have a particular passion for art pottery as well (tried making it myself but was a dismal failure): vases, jardinieres, bookends, pots, etc., by Rookwood, Roseville, Fulper, Teco, Hampshire, Marblehead, McCoy, Weller, etc. I grew up in Tucson, so another area of particular interest is Mexican silver jewelry (1950 & earlier). I’ve been around it for years and wear my own pieces constantly.
  • Prints – Wallace Nuttings and other hand colored photos from 19th & early 20th century are still a good category. We sold a large collection recently, studying them in depth and even have a connection to advise us about fakes! One room of our 8-room shop is devoted entirely to books and we have them displayed throughout the shop as well. Subject matter and condition are more important than age. Not all old books are sought after or valuable. Condition, condition, condition.
  • Art Glass – Jonathan, my husband, is particularly fond of art glass. We’ve studied it carefully because of our interest. The best sellers are colored pieces. One of my 38 first cousins was a vice-president in Sotheby’s 19th & 20th century decorative arts department for 10 years. He is a great resource for us, particularly with Tiffany & similar art glass as well as advising us on other resources for decorative art objects.
  • Sterling silver and coin silver – jewelry, flatware and serving pieces continue to be popular, particularly Tiffany, Cartier, Georg Jensen and Gorham. Monogrammed pieces are considered. (they were your grandmother’s, remember!) Polishing silver beforehand is great, but we can do it for you.
  • Baskets – After living in the Philippines for 3½ years, I imported baskets in the late 70’s selling them at wholesale to small businesses and at basket parties. I continue my interest in by handling 19th & early 20th C. baskets, with a special interest in miniatures. Time spent traveling in the Far East also gave me an interest and knowledge of orientalalia and a keen insight into the reproductions from China, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines.
  • Folk art is a hot category right now. Both my mother and brother have been doing their folky things forever. Funky, handmade, one-of-a-kind items (ask me about our Gees Bend quilt) even done in primitively are tremendously popular now.
  • Rugs – I have a wonderful consultant for oriental rugs. I spent ten years waiting for a good, honest, fair rug dealer to work with. Ours is the best. Bring yours in and we’ll help you.
  • Fine Art – My colleagues in ISA (International Society of Appraisers) who specialize in fine art are many. And our local connection to galleries has been most beneficial when dealing with paintings and sculptures.
  • Jewelry – For years we have had a fine jewelry expert share space in our shop. His speciality is diamonds and gemstones I also have a love of good costume jewelry and have a love of Mexican silver jewelry and holloware.

These are the most popular kinds of antique items and collectibles we carry. The listing on our home page covers most kinds of items. If you have it, wonder about its worth or desireability (whether its category is listed or not), bring it in, snail mail or e-mail us a GOOD closeup photo; we’ll be glad to talk it over. Don’t discard it, if you have any question about its worth. Remember, we can’t tell anything without seeing the item and evaluating the condition.

We do charge for appraisals, but will happily give a quick off-the-top-of-my-head, courtesy verbal approximation of value without research if you bring your item into the shop. You must call ahead for an appointment. I’m often out of the shop doing appraisals or estate sale preparation.

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